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Nobody is diligent enough to write down the updates. Who cares anyhow?


March 11
Wow, over 1,250 hits, I am very impressed, keep on spreading the word. Soon, I'm going to add a "FAQ"(frequently asked questions) and "relevant links" section. The latter is waay overdue. ;)

March 1
Well, the page has been completely and totally redone. All of the links on this page (or most at least) will definately not work. There isn't a need to fix that, really, you can just grab everything off of the front page.

February 14
New Layout, I like the way the blue partial-border gives it more of a "page" look.

January 16
Form IVers, rejoice, You can view it in HTML form here, or you can also download it. Let's see... Mine will be finished tomorrow (before the Jets game) hopefully.
Added: Avishai's History Review
Fixed: Form III Finals' Schedule (free on the 28th instead of english), changed the name of my history review to what it truly is (Chapters 13, 14, & 15)

January 13
At the urging of Avishai, I've moved all but the most recent of updates to their own page. History will be up as I complete each chapter.
Added: Updates page

January 12
Okay folks, here it is, (well some of it,) the form IV history review is up. View it in HTML format, or download it in word '97 form. Well, chapters 15 & 16 are. The rest'll be up by Saturday, the 16th (Saturday night of course... hehe)
Added: Form IV History
Fixed: E-Mail (AGAIN!), I think i've finally got it this time, put the finals schedule in a table.

January 5
Updating from school... I got a copy of the finals schedules (These aren't final yet, so excuse mistakes and the like), I'll put 'em in a table later (my tables done by hand NEVER seem to work) basicially, you can get the tentative version here
Added: Finals Shedule

January 1
First off, I'd just like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. Now for the actual updates. I've given myself a 4 day deadline to finish my Form IV history review for the mid-term (final?), so it'll be ready (fingers crossed) by January 5th. Let's see.. approaching 500 hits, which is very impressive. Avishai Weiss is now also a webmaster. Examining the site's directory contents, I can see a very nice new layout brewing, after a little tweaking, the site will definately look a lot nicer and more streamlined. You can check out a non-functioning version here. That link's tentative, so if it doesn't work, don't fret. Oh yeah... anyone want to see the absolute coolest website? Doors of Perception (named after the book of the same title by Aldous Huxley (excuse the spelling there)) is showing off some of the coolest stuff being done on the web today. Oh yeah, Brave New World Cliffs' (or more properly, Barron's) notes will be up soon, hopefully tomorrow. For the time being, i'm removing my banners because (apparently) they're a violation of the GeoCities terms of service... Let's see.. Some spanish stuff will be up soon, and (hopefully) there will be a spanish/english and french/english translator. In the meantime, use AltaVista's Babelfish.


December 17
Okay, it's almost time for finals, and it's time for a progress update. Firstly, I have a bunch of new content promised from other sources. Second, I added another banner, on the bottom, show your support and click on the banners whenever you come. Thirdly, and this is important, Monolith Internet Services the good folks who have provided me with the http://antistudy.home.ml.org, http://antiwork.home.ml.org, http://hwhelp.home.ml.org, http://outlines.home.ml.org, http://savetime.home.ml.org, http://studyaid.home.ml.org, http://studyaids.home.ml.org, http://studyhelp.home.ml.org, and http://studyoutlines.home.ml.org addresses have shut down permanently. The working redirects are http://www.homestead.com/ramaz and the pathetically easy to remember http://welcome.to/ramaz. Uh... the repedately-asked-for Form IV history review will probably be completely or mostly done by the end of winter break.
Added: Another Banner
Fixed: Link to Spanish 1-page quick reference link

December 10
Okay, back in school, and I added something even cooler than actual relevant content. Yup, an ESPN.com sports ticker! Hehe, it's on the bottom, near my banners
Added: Sports Ticker

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