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The Webster-Ashburton Treaty helped resolve the conflict between the United States and Great Britain over the boundary line between Maine and Canada.
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The Texas Revolution can be accurately described as a fight for freedom after a long period of oppression.
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John C. Calhoun was instrumental in securing Senate approval of the 1844 treaty annexing Texas.
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The notion of manifest destiny coincided with the traditional Puritan belief that Americans were God's chosen people.
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The slogan "Fifty-four forty or fight!" indicated a willingness on the part of some Americans to go to war against Britain for control of British Columbia.
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Nicholas Trist, negotiator of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, was strongly supported by President Polk throughout the negotiations.
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American policymakers' major objective of the Mexican War was acquisition of California ports to promote expanded American commerce on the Pacific.
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By 1840, railroads had replaced canal boats as the major mode of freight transportation in the United States.
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Peak periods of European immigration to the United States before the Civil War coincided very closely with times of domestic prosperity and high demand for labor.
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By the 1850s, most factory workers were unionized and eagerly responded to appeals for solidarity along class lines.
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