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Regional or sectional identifications among Americans in commerce and politics in the early nineteenth century might be explained partly by defensiveness to outside criticism.
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Jefferson felt the Indians could be "civilized" by converting them to yeoman farmers.
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Thomas Jefferson was inflexible as president, refusing to veer from pure Republican philosophy.
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As evidence of his political guile and skills, Thomas Jefferson never vetoed one act of Congress in his two terms as president.
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Jefferson replaced all Federalist government workers with Republicans, demanding the complete loyalty of the federal bureaucracy.
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The verdict in the trial of Samuel Chase expanded the constitutional definition of impeachable offenses.
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Eyewitness testimony helped convict Aaron Burr of treason for his private expedition of 1806.
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According to congressional legislation, slaves illegally smuggled into the United States after 1808 were to be set free if apprehended by federal authorities.
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